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This Week's Wonderful Waiting Kids - Shared List

OK, hang on to your hats gang and Praise the lord!  Just take a look at all the wonderful, beautiful kiddos who are coming home!!!!! 

Beautiful Lainey who will now be beautiful Jessica!!

Wonderful Bria!!

Precious Angela

Wonderful Xavier

Handsome Trevor

Precious, beautiful Angelina whose family is now fundraising to help bring her home!  Please go here and donate to help this family and this beautiful child, if you feel so led!!

Beautiful Mei
Sweet Dakota!

And amazing Michael whose wonderful family is also doing some fundraising to bring their precious "Milo" home.  Please go here to see their really cute items in their etsy store and do some shopping to help them bring this precious child home!
 I think this is the biggest list of "coming home" kiddos that I have posted yet!  Praise God!!  Not all of these kids were found on my site but were on the blog and I am just thrilled to be able to share the good news about all of these precious children!  Please keep their families in your prayers as they begin their paperwork journey.  Thank you Lord for leading these families to these wonderful children!!!

Then there is sweet Anna

Do you remember this precious child?  So many families were praying for this beautiful little girl, who will soon be Makenzie.  Well, I know you know that I announced her family a while back, and now...  She is truly coming home - soon - like April 25th soon!  The family has asked for prayers, prayers for the Lord to prepare Makenzie's heart for her family! Thank you Lord for bringing this wonderful child home!!

Alas,  I still have not heard anything about "Elizabeth" or "Misty"

Please, I have been advocating for this sweet child for a long time!  Wasatch has told me that she has disappeared from the shared list and I am praying she finally found a family!  If anyone knows, please email me at!!!!  Thank you!

As always, again I have to start this week with sweet Blossom! 

However, I am hoping to have some truly wonderful, blessed news to share about my precious Blossom in the near future!!!  The Lord is working on this one but we do need prayer, lots of prayer for His will to wrap around this precious chld!  I am praying that He will continue to watch over this!!!  Please, please keep this precious child in your prayers!

Please keep this child in your prayers!  I pray for the Lord's will to be done for her and...

Next is another little sweetie named Jerimiah who is not on the shared list but can be very easily for an interested family

Adorable Jerimiah is 2 years old and is living with a foster family who adores him!  I can see why!  He is SO cute!  His SN is a hand and wrist issue but he gets along just fine!  I was asked to advocate for him and how could I not?  He just puts a smile on your face!!!! 

Update:  I just found out that Jerimiah's CWI will not get his PW ready until 2012.  If there is a committed family, then who knows, but that is what they are saying right now!  He sounds like such a great little boy.  Please email me if you think he is your son, even knowing that you may have to wait for him!!!


First is wonderful Preston who has unfortunately turned into and URGENT plea!!!

Preston participated in a camp with Madison but is now on the shared list.  He touched the hearts of those at Madison and the heart of a fellow advocate.  This is what she wrote about this beautiful soul:

Time is running out.  This young man, "Preston", needs a family to sprint for him! He ages out on May 19th.  There is a family who was a trailblazer in sprinting for a son! :) She brought home 2 boys - completing the paperwork for the one about to age out in 25 days (approximately, if I recall) and is more than willing to help any family who would like to try to bring him home. Preston is on the shared list, but Madison can share a video and other pics of him - and if you go through them, they have a $3,500 grant! I am SO touched by the description written about Preston by his interviewer:

Please consider this truly wonderful child who so desperately wants a family!  Time is very short but it is still possible to make his dreams come true!!!!

Next is precious, sweet Patrick whose time is running out fast, not because he is aging out (he is only 9 years old) but because his file is about to be pulled!!!  He is about to loose his chance of ever being adopted - at 9 years old!!!! 

I had this sweet child listed as an LWB kiddo but he is now being advocated for through Bringing Hope to Children.  He is still on the shared list but is posted on their site with a video!!!  This is what is written about this sweet child:
Patrick has captured the hearts of everyone who has had the privilege to meet him. Incurably happy, he has a way of making you smile. Patrick has a diagnosis of schizencephaly based on a CT scan done 3 years ago. This is a rare developmental disorder of the brain characterized by clefts, or slits, in the cerebral hemisphere. In his case, this has resulted in weakness on his left side; his left hand seems to be affected. He can walk and run, but favors his left side, as you can see in his video. Patrick has delays in his speech and learning. He follows directions well and is a very, very happy and loving little guy. We have no doubt he would be a great addition to a lucky and welcoming family. Patrick will need training to help him reach his full potential. He loves animals and handles them well. He is a very social boy and has been in foster care. He will age out in a few short years and no longer be eligible for adoption...his future in China will be very difficult. We need a family for Patrick soon. Couples and single moms are eligible for his adoption.
Please go look at his video!  He is just so sweet and runs and draws and is a great kid!!!  No one seems to know why his file is about to be pulled but one thing is certain, if his file is pulled, he looses his chance for a family, forever!  Don't let this beautiful child loose his chance of ever having a family!!!  Go here and sign in to see his wonderful video!

Next is a beautiful little girl who was listed with WACAP but is now on the share list

This is the child I called "Claire" and this is what was on my blog about this precious child:

Sweet Claire will have a hard time in China if she is not adopted. This little one was a part of aWACAP camp and even though she has a "facial deformity," she is simply beautiful!  Please inquire about this child and consider being her hope for a future!!!

Her ID # is JH4.ZYZ.0304.31090.01 and this is what is written about this precious child, who because she has a "facial deformity," will NOT have a future in China!

She is described as being a little shy around strangers, but when she becomes more familiar with people she is very talkative. Her caregivers are obviously quite fond of her because they describe her as “naughty” which is seen as a very positive trait in a young child and is often used to describe a child who is inquisitive, active, and curious. She likes to sing. She enjoys going to school where she can play with toys – especially the bikes. When we asked her what her favorite animal was, she said that she likes little dogs. She was born with a cleft lip and palate as well as other facial abnormalities. Her speech is very clear and her nanny says that she is just as smart as all of the other little children. She lives in a foster family. She is very affectionate and we saw her take her caregiver’s hand several times for comfort while we asked her questions. By the end of our interview, she had warmed up enough to pose for the camera. She is an affectionate child who needs the love that only a permanent family can give her. There is a $4200 Promise Child grant for eligible families who use WACAP for this adoption and a possible additional fee reduction.

Next is a listing of 6 older girls who are also very close to aging out.  I am going to post their pics with their names and if you would like more info, you can email me at

CHY - Hep B - will age out in the fall

XMQ - CL/CP - will age out in the summer
Update: this beautiful child is now featured on WACAP's list with a $5000 grant!!!  ID# XRF.XMQ0897.31968.01 Please go read about this wonderful girl!
Please contact a Family Finders Case Manager for more information or contact us at

SNQ - deaf and mute - will age out in the summer

WXH - deaf and mute - will age out in the summer

SDD - will age out this summer - Epilepsy - controlled with medication
Update: this wonderful child is now featured on WACAP's site with a $5000 grant
ID# XRF.SDD0897.31967.01
Please contact a Family Finders Case Manager for more information or contact us at

DTS - postoperative drainage of hydrocephalus and recheck the hearing - will age out in the fall 
Please, please email me at for more info on these beautiful little girls, before it is too late and they age out!!

WACAP also has several other shared list older kiddos who each have $5000 grants

First is ID: XRF.DP.1197.31982.01

This precious child is listed as having Spina Bifida and sounds like just a wonderful child!!!

Next is ID: XRM.SJC0897.31969.01

This handsome young boy is healthy, is a good student, loves math and sports!!!  He will age out this summer!

Next is ID: XRM.YZX1097.31975.01

This wonderful little boy loves music and singing!  He has a sensitive SN and a blood disorder and ages out in the fall.

Next is ID: XRM.FWH.1197.14825.01

This precious young boy is said to be brave, open, active, lively, and sensible.  This wonderful young boy ages out in the fall!

All of the above kiddos have $5000 grants available to families of all incomes may. Please contact a Family Finders Case Manager for more information or contact us at

Next is adorable "Harriet"

I do not know much about this precious child other than she is 6 years old and is listed as having epilepsy.  Please email me at for the info needed to find her on the shared list!  She is so cute!

Next is another story of a beautiful soul who so desperately wants to bring a child home but just cannot.  She is now giving this precious child to the Lord and praying that He will lead her family to her and move their hearts to bring her home.  This is Monica:

There she was, sitting in her wheelchair, smiling her shy smile, her beautiful eyes hinting at twinkling, and I fell in love. It was May 1 and I knew in an instant this was my little girl. Monica had lived at Hanzhong SWI for about 2 years, since her aging grandparents could no longer care for her. She had spina bifida which I could see affected her from the knees down. We met her on a visit to our son’s former orphanage. During the afternoon we spent with her, I was delighted by her sweet disposition and by her unspoken reach for me. I knew she wanted me to be her mother just as I wanted her to be my daughter.  Over the next 18 months I learned that Monica is smart, though a little behind in school; she is a big sister to the younger children at the orphanage; and she loves Jesus. She even put together a Christmas play in 2010 which the children performed for the nannies and staff.
It broke my heart to learn that CCAA classified her as unadoptable. So I prayed. I prayed. I prayed. I searched on line for people who really know her. I have befriended her therapists, camp counselors, an M.D. in China. I put together volumes of information on her no adoption file could touch. And I prayed some more.   Then in October 2010 I sent her a little gift which included a miraculous medal blessed by our pastor. Within days a miracle happened. Monica was declared adoptable! This is absolutely unprecedented in China because Monica has living grandparents and a mother classified as “missing,” not dead!   And now my heart breaks because our situation has changed and we cannot consider adopting Monica. God has given her to me so that I can help find her forever family. I cannot leave her in China without a mother’s love.   Is Monica your little girl?

Please email me at for more information on this precious child.  You could be an answer to many prayers!

Next is an adorable little angel named "Gi Gi" who is 4 years old.

This sweet child is listed as having ptosis( dropping eyelids).  According to another adovcate frined, this is so easy to fix. Dr Jenista said maybe even bo- tox injections. She has also been listed as delayed.  However, there may be an error in her report saying she speaks at a level of a 1-2 month old with 3-5 word sentences, as there is a really good update on her development. She is described as having "an active personality, talkative.  She likes the orphanage teachers and her friends the best."  Please email me at  for the info needed to find this adorable child on the shared list.

This next beautiful child is on the shared list and is 5 years old and will be “Katie” on this blog

Just look at this darling face!!!  Katie is said to have “palsy of both lower limbs.”  There is a video of this precious child walking with a walker, so my hope is that with the love of a family and some good, consistent PT, she might be able to ditch that walker!  She is just precious!!!  This is a bit from her file:

Her upper body development is normal, can play or grab toys with other kids, with normal diet and sleeping. Katie is quiet in character, likes playing with toys. She is not like to smile, except when teased. She likes to be taken into the classroom. Once seeing the teacher coming to her, she would open her arms for being held. Once the teacher did not take her to the classroom for bad weather, she cried sadly. Though her both lower limbs could not move, she can use her both hands deftly, with good fine motors. She can scribble on a piece of paper with a pencil, and put the sheath into the concave of a crayon. In the bedroom, she likes to watch TV on a stool or play with other kids. Sometimes she can move the stool with her hips, so that she can move a distance to play with others. She can call the caretaker she is familiar with “ayi” or “mama” when she is happy. Presently, Katie has a routine life. She is a quiet and smart baby. According to her physical stages this institute supplemented her multivitamins and vaccinated her according to plan.   Agree for adoption.

Please email me at to find out more about this wonderful little girl and to see her video!

Next is a beautiful little girl who has been on my blog before - a long time ago.  She will be "April" here

April is 8 years old and is listed as having congenital meningocele at the waist, recovery phase after second operation.  I thought this sweet child had found a family but she is now on the shared list.  Please email me at for the info needed to find her file!

Next on the shared list adorable "Mauve"

I don't know much about this precious child either but know that she has cleft hands and feet and she is 6 years old and completely darling!  Please email me at to get the info needed to find this wonderful little girl on the shared list.

Next  - now - on the shared list are precious Drew and Gabriel

Drew and Gabriel were listed with AAC.  However, unfortunately, their files had to be sent back.  I have the info needed to find these precious boys on the shared list, so PLEASE email me at to find Drew or Gabriel!!!  Why, why are these two still waiting???

I have advocated for wonderful Drew for a long time now,

Just look at his beautiful smile!  I have seen his file and he is just wonderful and his CP seems very managable.  He is the cutest little boy and I pray that he finds a family!  I can only imagine how this child will blossom with the love and support of a family!  In his file it states that he likes to play with toy cars!  I can just see him playing cars with his big or little brother, can't you???   This is what is written on AAC's site about this precious little boy:

This sweet child is seven years old. He has cerebral palsy. He has some issues with walking. When we met Drew he was using crutches to get around, but he told us that he preferred a push walker. He is currently participating in physical therapy and doctors think that there is a good chance that he may be able to walk on his own some day. He has good cognitive skills, however, he does have some catching up to do. Drew is a very imaginative boy. He likes to play outdoors. He also said that he likes to do his homework because the teacher gives them a treat. Read more about Drew and the time we spent getting to know him on our blog  

Update:  I spoke to AAC about this precious little boy.  No one has yet to email me about this sweet child and I wanted more info on him from (hopefully) someone who had met him.  Well, Nicole from AAC, did meet him and this is what she had to say about this wonderful little boy:

I did meet Drew personally.  He was very charming; sharing that sweet smile freely. He was very talkative too. He seemed to enjoy sitting and answering my questions. He does have some mental development delays but it was my impression that they were minor.  He wrote his name for me a couple of times.  This took great effort on his part but he was determined.  He spoke very well and was very imaginative.  I remember that I asked him what he liked to do and he told me that he liked to play racketball (or some other very athletic type sport).  The nannie asked, ‘How do you do that with your crutches?’ and he told her that he used to play it before he had to use his crutches.  It made my heart ache for him because you could tell it was what he dreamed to do =(   He seemed to get along well with the other children.  He was in the group of 9 from G. SWI. .  They stuck together pretty tightly, as we were not in their orphanage.  He and Daniel (one of our other children) spent allot of time chatting and playing together.  

Just an FYI
30 children participated in the camp
21 from L.G. SWI and 9 from G. SWI.
We placed15 from L.G. SWI and 8 fr G. SWI.
This means that Drew was the only kiddo from his SWI that we couldn’t find a family for =( 

Oh my heart!!!!!  Please, please, somebody take a look at this precious child who is just breaking my heart!  How wonderful would it be for him to come here and get all of the PT he needs and be able to play the sport he dreams of playing!!!!!  I just cannot stand the thought of him watching as all of his friends go home with their new families as he sits and waits!!!!!  Please Lord move his families' hearts!!!

Then there is adorable Gabriel.

What a beautiful little boy!  This is what is written about this precious child:

This sweet boy is seven years old. His special need is sensitive (email me). His development is on track. Gabriel is very outgoing and talkative. He is full of energy. His personality is very sweet and friendly. He likes to sing, dance, draw and practice kung fu. This loving little guy really needs a family. Read more about Gabriel and the time we spent getting to know him on our blog   

Again, please email me at to be able to find these wonderful boys on the shared list!!

Next is a wonderful young boy who will be "Myer"

This child sounds like the type of child who just radiates love and determination and true spirit.  Please go here to see pics and read about this precious soul and see if you might be the family that this child needs!!!  If you would like a bit more info, please email me at 

Next is a wonderful young girl who will break your heart!!!  She is "Cindy" here and so deserves a permanent, loving family!!!

This is an email I got about this precious child from Amy at Lifeline.  Cindy is on the shared list but Lifeline is advocating for her.

A beautiful 2 year old little girl with bright double fold eyes was found at the entrance to a village...the policeman that found her and his wife decided to adopt her..when this toddler was 9 years old she was found to have a heart defect, her parents were both ailing in health and made the decision for her to go back to the orphanage so that she could get the care she needed...she was found to be very quiet so they chose to put her in a wonderful Half the Sky program..she is now 11, thriving and DESERVES a permanent family...this is what is reported of her NOW...

Now she is in grade five in elementary school in our City. She has average school records and can have a simple conversation with others in English. She is positive, unites students, loves to work and is ready to help others. Though she is weak and thin she loves sports very much. She always makes other students happy. She is also a child of high self-esteem. Because she had not gotten good score in last term, she established a study plan in summer and put it into effect. She works hard and wants to get good score next term.   She is outgoing and active, has extensive interests and hobbies, likes to play weiqi, a game played with black and white pieces on a board of 361 crosses; drawing; ping-pong; dancing and etc; she also likes to read extra books.  Recently the staff examined her and had her done the color ultrasound examination of heart, the result indicated that her heart defect had been healed naturally and everything was normal.

Please email Amy at Lifeline,  if you would like any more information on this precious girl...

UPDATE:  I think sweet Cindy is now on Heartsent's exclusive list and you can read about her on their advocacy site, here .

Next is a beautiful young girl named "Jennie"

Beautiful Jennie is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with epilepsy (on medication) and post op hydrocephalus (with shunt).  Her epilepsy has been difficult but it has not affected her overall health or her development in any way.  This is a bit about her:

Jennie is a clever and cute girl who is very good at expressing with words. Sometimes we are amazed or laugh when she says something unexpectedly. She likes to sing. She likes outdoor activities. She likes to play games with other children. She learns some common sense in the daily life. She likes to think and ask questions.

She sounds like such a wonderful child and I pray she can find a family who can help her through this epilepsy.  She needs a chance!!!  Please email me at to find out more about this precious child!!!

Next is precious "Aubrey"

This wonderful child is listed as having Down Syndrome, is 1 1/2 old and oh so cute!!!  Please email me at

Next is an adorable little girl named "Mandy" who is only 2 years old.

I don’t normally post children this young but the next few kids were sent to me from a wonderful friend who found them deeply buried in the shared list in hopes to bring them out into the light of day!!!  Mandy is just completely adorable and is said to have enlargement of the left back ventricle.  I am assuming that is her brain but that is a bit unclear!  I do know that her file mentions “arachnoid” which is what one of my bio kiddos has and it doesn’t affect him at all.  If this is an arachnoid cyst that is not growing, it should be a non issue but I am not a doctor and would always recommend having a file reviewed by a doctor and in this case, a Pediatric Neurologist.  This is just a bit of what is written in her file:

She is cute and extrovert, she will smile at the aunt each time she sees the aunt, due to her condition, she develops slow compared with others. Now she accepts the early education in the institution, such as training, under the help, she can crawl and gets great progress. Each time with the accompany of teachers, she is happy, she likes the colorful toys which can make sound, and often use hands to touch the balls, and smile. Aunts like her, and she brings much joy to us.

Please email me at to get the info needed to find sweet Mandy on the shared list!

Next are 2 beautiful little girls who are on the shared list but have participated in a previous Madison camp.   The staff at Madison have kept them on their site and are adovcating for them and are offering grants but again, they are on the shared list.

First is beautiful Miley

Just look at her precious face!!!  Miley is 7 years old and has the unfortunate label on her file as "mentally retarded."  She seems far from that.  This is what the staff at Madison had to say about this precious child:

Miley was a bit ill the day of the interview and kept wiping her nose while she answered all questions presented to her. Even ill, she was as an outgoing, normal 6 year old. Miley had cerebral palsy at birth and because of it has some delays which are, according to the nanny and teacher, very small. She also has slight strabismus (cross –eyed). Presently the child attends a pre-school at the orphanage, similar to our kindergarten. Here she enjoys playing with toys, sings, dances, and draws pictures. She appears quite talented when telling stories and singing children’s songs. After school she returns to her foster home of five, where she also has a brother and sister. When asked if she would like to be adopted and go to the United States, she stated yes, and she would love to have older sisters and maybe even a dog. She is not afraid to come to the US.

Please email Diana at for more info!

Second is sweet Audrey!

This wonderful child is 7 years old and listed as having a devlopmental delay as well as concomitant esotrophia and mild anemia.  I would think Madison would have other pics and video of this sweet child!  Please email Diana at for more info on this wonderful little girl who just needs a chance!

Next is a beautiful little girl named "Susi"

This precious child was disrupted in 2006...2 days after meeting the American family that she had been matched with. Her original SN was for her post op ptosis, but the multiple cafe' au lait spots on her upper body had them concerned.  So now she has been on the shared list since late 2009, diagnosed with post op ptosis, sinusitis, and possible neurofibromatosis.  This precious child has been in 2 different foster families, plus the disruption.  She needs a forever family.  Please, please email Amy at for more info about this wonderful little girl!!

Next is adorable Lacey who is 3 years old

Lacey is listed as having mild CP, left wrist hang down, and left foot varus malformation.  She is also completely cute!  Here is a little bit about this precious child:

Her vision can follow the moving colorful objects. Her hands can seize the nearby toys. She liked listening to music. She would be happy to smile when heard the cell phone ring. Now she becomes active and restless. She can stand by holding objects. She liked watching TV, especially cartoons. Hospital did a comprehensive inspection for her, the diagnosis was: brain hypoplasia (mild CP), left wrist hang down, left foot varus malfomation. Due to the disease her right eye causes strabismus, left lower limbs movement were weak. Her left foot was shorter for 2.5cm than the right foot.

Please, please email me at  about this adorable child!

Next is sweet Dell

This precious boy was on my blog when he was listed with Madison.  He is back on the shared list (Sigh) and I really do not understand why this adorable little guy still waits.  Dell is 10 years old and is missing his left forearm and hand - that's it!!!  Please email me at for his DOB to find him on the shared list!!

Next a a little cutie named "Milly"

Adorable Milly is 4 years old and is listed as having CHD, postoperative radical operation of pulmonary atresia and hemiparalysis of right side of body.  To learn a bit more about this precious child, please email me at .

Next is a group of wonderful children, some of whom are all at the same foster home and are getting dangerously close to aging out. 

Peter is VERY close but is still far enough away for a motivated

This is what was written by an advocate friend about Peter

Peter is a sweetheart, and has a repaired cleft lip and palate, as well as CHD (VSD and PDA that have not limited his activity). He also wears glasses. He is an active boy, and loves playing with the other kids in the foster homes. This past summer he starred as the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of OZ performance put on by the children (video available). He has a great sense of humor, and will do so well with a forever family! Please help get the word out about sweet Peter, as he has only been given a few months to find a family!


We want to introduce you to Peter, a 13-year-old boy from the Shaanxi Province. He is not in a Love Without Boundaries Program; however we want to feature him to increase his chances to find a family. Peter’s file has just been released and he is now eligible for adoption! However, he turns 14 in May 2011, so he only has a few short months to find his family before his birthday. We hope to make these months count by spreading the word that he is waiting and available for adoption right now. LWB is accepting donations to make an adoption assistance grant available for Peter’s adoption.

Currently Peter lives in an foster home with two foster brothers and two foster sisters. However, his foster family is part of a larger community, and as a result he has many friends and foster siblings. Peter is a referred to as a “sweetheart!” With a repaired cleft lip and palate as well as congenital heart disease (ASD and PDA that have not limited his activity at all), he remains an active and playful boy. As you can tell from his photos, Peter also wears glasses.

Peter appears to be a well rounded boy with a great sense of humor and is quite the ham. This past summer Peter starred as the Wicked Witch in “The Wizard of Oz” performance put on by the children. We just happen to have a link to a video of this production, which you can see for yourself hereThere are two ways you can help Peter today. The first is to share the blog post to get the word out about sweet Peter. The second is to make a donation, marked “Peter’s adoption grant.”  Your donation will help provide a grant for Peter to hopefully help a family adopt him.  (If Peter does not find a family before he reaches the age of 14, all donations made toward Peter’s adoption will be transferred to provide an adoption assistance grant for another waiting child.)  Since he has only been given a few months to find a family, let’s make the most of the short time he has. With your help, Peter can be like Dorothy and discover that there really IS no place like home!

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program

Next is beautiful Mary who is also 13 years old.  Her SN is post operative draining of hydrocephalus (shunt), which from what I understand is VERY manageable!!!!

This is what my friend wrote about this precious little girl:

Mary is the oldest sister in a very loving foster home. Noah (my 7 year old son) was one of her younger brothers. Mary is shy and quiet but very helpful around the house and with her younger siblings. Noah says "My sister likes to color with me and help my Chinese mom make our food. She is very nice and a good sister."

Beautiful Mary is on the shared list as well and again, please email me SOON at for the info needed to find this wonderful young girl and give her what every child deserves, a family!!!!

To find out more about these wonderful children and the other precious ones who are being cared for in this home, go here .  Check out these wonderful videos of these precious kiddos:

Next is a beautiful young girl who will age out in the fall!!!

Marci at ASIA was asked to advocate for this precious child but I would assume she is also on the shared list!  Please go here to see her sweet face!  Here is what Marci wrote about this sweet child:

Meet Milly. CCAA has asked us to advocate for her because she will turn 14 in the fall and no longer be eligible for adoption. Milly is healthy and sweet.

The Director of her orphanage regards her as his own always asks how she is doing and teaches her things. Milly is a very polite and honest young lady. When she found 50 Yuan on the ground, she immediately gave it to her teacher to try to find the person who lost it. Her teacher was so impressed that she continued to praise and encourage Milly. Milly struggles a little academically but has remained at grade level with a little extra help and encouragement. She likes studying English more than Chinese and Math. She reports that she does want to be adopted and have a family of her own. Milly needs a family to come forward for her right away! Please contact me if you would be interested in Milly. If you are already in process for another child, it may be possible to adopt Milly as well: email Marci at

ASIA does have some really precious older kiddos on their site, with grants,  whom they are advocating for.   I have them posted here on this blog.  Please go take a look and search your heart for these wonderful children, because at age 13, they are still very much children!!  Here are their pics and names.





Please go to ASIA's website  or to this post on my blog to read all about these beautiful children!

Update:  ASIA has added 3 more beautiful CHILDREN who will age out very soon but who also have very large grants! 

First is Leroy

Precious Leroy is listed as having post op CHD and will age out in December.  He is said to be, "Leroy is restless, has extroverted personality, but will appear a little shy when meeting unfamiliar people. He gets along well with classmates and teachers" and apparently likes to get dirty when he plays!  Imagine that!  A boy who plays hard and gets dirty!!!  Please go take a look at this wonderful little boy.  There is a grant of up to $5000 available if you use ASIA but he is on the shared list!

Next is Heath

Heath will also age out in December and is healthy.  This is a bit about this wonderful young boy:

He is an introvert, the ability of language expression is good, clever and likes to learn, now is in Grade Four, accept normal education, likes to play and the activity to learn is poor and need the guide of parents to study, the remark is good, likes math. He can take care of himself, is intelligent, can help parents to do something within his power, can get along well with others, and is polite, the teacher gives him highly comments.

Sweet heath wants to be adopted and there is also an available grant of up to $5000 for his adoption through ASIA!

Lastly is handsome Foster

Foster will age out in the Fall and is listed as having post op CL/CP.  Here is a bit about this sweet child:

  Please take a look at this child.  He also has an available grant of up to $5000 through ASIA!

Foster studies hard, do well at school.  He is clever and fond of learning, thinking, outgoing, good language competence, be curious about new things, usually asks question, capability of imitation is good, fond of singing and dancing, good at rhythm.  Foster's abilities to care for himself is good, can go to school on his own, do homework on his own initiative after class. He likes watching TV, play badminton, etc., has eating routine, doesn’t choose food, good appetite.

Next is a beautiful little girl who is back on the shared list

This beautiful little girl was listed as "Desirae" with AAC and found a wonderful family.  However, this family was unable to continue her adoption and are heartbroken.  They want to find this precious child a family and have asked for help.  This family has lots of info on "Desirae" who was their "Hope" and wants to share with any interested family.  This is what this heartbroken Mom wrote about this beautiful child:

Hope just turned 12 on February 18th. She is in the fifth grade and is doing very well. She loves to fix her hair and be beautiful like other girls. She loves the younger children and will help the nannies cuddle them. She will share the good things with others and help the children who get into trouble. She is happy, animated, and well liked. She was abandoned at the orphanage at age 3 and has been there ever since. She has a repaired cleft lip/palate. Early records state that her speech is unclear, but this is not mentioned in a more recent update.Please, please email me at to find out more about this precious waiting child!!!

Next are 3 precious children who are being cared for at an Eagles Wing.  The descriptions were written by the director of an Eagles Wing, who knows these kids!  She would be happy to talk to any interested family.

First is sweet Hailey

Hailey is turning 10 next month. She is a healthy, active girl. Her SN is listed as "poor brain development" which is a bit of a mystery to me. She is bright and teachable and likes to please. She tends to be a little strong willed and impulsive, but knows right and wrong and responds well to rules and correction. She went to public school for a short while, and she was considered bright while she was there. She now attends school in the orphanage (due to circumstances not specific to her) and is falling a bit behind her peers because the school isn't very good. We will be working on that this year, but in the meantime, Hailey would be much better off with a home and family of her own!

Next is wonderful Jensen:

Jensen is an 11 year old boy with moderate CP. This sounds like 3 strikes, doesn't it? Older, male and CP! Please don't let Jensen age out. He is a good, likable kid, quieter than most of the other kids in his house. He wants to be a doctor! He likes to play and go outdoors, just like other boys.

and wonderful George:

George is 4 years old, a stocky rough and tumble boy's boy! But he is also a cuddler and loves quiet attention, too. His primary diagnosis is spina bifida, repaired. As is not uncommon he developed hydrocephalus following his SB surgery, for which he was treated and is now perfectly fine. He walks, runs, jumps and is continent. So no issues, right? Well, his biggest issue seems to be the listing of his special need which sounds pretty scary. You would need a brain surgeon to read the description of his special need, but what I find is a fun, bright 4 year old boy.I know it's hard to commit to a child who has had brain surgery without being able to meet him. As always, I have to say that no child comes with a guarantee, but every child needs someone to open their heart. I just hope someone will take the time to learn more about George before saying no.

Next is sweet Parker

Adorable Parker is 5 years old and has DS but from what the director of his foster home says, he is very high functioning and full of smiles!!!!

Next is sweet Gabriella.  I had to remove her pic because I found out that she is listed with CCAI.  Please go see her sweet, beautiful smile at CCAI's website, here .  Gabriella is 5 years old and has postop SB.  This precious child is fully functioning and attends regular kindergarten.  She is ADORABLE!
Next is precious Shaelyn

Sweet Shaelyn is 6 years old and has very very mild CP.  Donna (the director of her foster home) says she is a cutie who has stolen her heart.

UPDATE:  Shaelyn is now "Frannie" on Lifeline's list.  Check the post below for Agency listed kiddos.

Next is adorable Huey.  Again, I had to remove his pic as he is listed with CCAI as well.  You can go here to see his sweet, smiling face!!!!   Wonderful Huey is only a year old and has a nevus. 
Next is beautiful Whitney

Precious Whitney is 6 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy as a baby but has had no seizures in years, biggest issue is ADD.

UPDATE:  Whitney is now "Fern" on Lifeline's list again, check the agency post below!

Then there is sweet, precious Lucy, whose CWI is refusing to get her PW ready until she has a committed family!  She is 12 years old and her time is quickly running out!  Please consider this precious child!

Just look at her sweet smile!  Lucy has CP but is so very functional and just sounds like a terrific kid!  This is what is written about her by the director of an Eagles Wing:

She is the sweetest kid and would do great in a family, very adaptable. Her CP needs are what would probably be considered moderate. She is completely mobile, does all her own self-care (and she carries her own weight with our household chores, too!) but since her throat and face are affected, her speech is not clear. I think there would be improvement with speech therapy, but I don't know how much given her age. She functions very well in an Eng speaking home and she has good capacity for learning. She is behind her grade level due to lack of schooling over the past year, but I am working to help her catch up on that.


Lucy is 12 years old and has a mild/moderate type of CP. She is a great kid, unbelievably positive attitude, does all her own self-care, works hard at school work altho she is a little behind her peers because the schools here won't take visibly different children. Oh, and yes, she understands her English speaking foster mom (me), so she is ahead of many older kids being adopted in that area. She has even started answering me in English much of the time. :)   In another month or so I am going to have to tell Lucy that her best friend of many years is going to America. I know this is going to break her heart. As excited as I am for my one foster-daughter, the pain it will cause the other is going to be excruciating. I wish with all my heart that I would be able to give Lucy some hope that she, too, will soon have a family of her own. Lucy has been highlighted on some of the waiting child blogs, and there are photos on my blog as well. She will benefit from speech therapy and probably some PT/OT when she gets home, but those are her only needs. Otherwise she is very healthy. She climbs the 6 flights of stairs up to our apt everyday, and is way faster than me! She is great at Jenga and Uno, too!

Please email me at for more info on these precious kiddos who are being cared for at a wonderful foster home!

Next are the precious children on the shared list who are being cared for at Shepherd's Field.
First is sweet Noel!

Noel has CP and truly needs the love and nurturing that only a family can provide! I have posted with permission, Noel's precious video!!

Please consider this precious child and the joy that she could bring your life! 

Noel is 7 years old and has such potential given the support of a family. I recieved some updated info on sweet Noel from a doctor who cares for the children at SF's.  This is what he wrote about this precious child:

Yes, we think Noel has great potential with continued therapy and a good
environment.  My wife, Dr. Ana, is very positive about her saying she is
smart and is trying hard in her therapy routine.  We have seen some
improvement in her abilities.  You can message Dr. Ana if you need more
details about her: 

Please email me at  if you think you might be her hope!!!

Also from Shepherd's Field is sweet Joseph.

This is what is written about this wonderful boy:

Eleven-year-old Joseph is meticulous in his habits. He always folds his blankets and clothes more carefully than his housemates; he even puts his shoes in the same place everyday. The ayis playfully call him the boy with soldier discipline.
When Joseph first arrived at PHF in Fall 2005, he was so weak that he could not walk and talked in a very quiet voice. Compared to the other children, his Chinese writing and math abilities were very also low. He soon caught up in the classroom, but his heart problem continued to slow him down physically. Joseph has a problem called pulmonary atresia (small blood vessels going to the lungs instead of the pulmonary arteries) which results in very low oxygen in the blood. Though he has always enjoyed spendingalked in a very quiet voice. Compared to the other children, his Chinese writing and math abilities were very also low. He soon caught up in the classroom, but his heart problem continued to slow him down physically. Joseph has a problem called pulmonary atresia (small blood vessels going to the lungs instead of the pulmonary arteries) which results in very low oxygen in the blood. Though he has always enjoyed spending time with people, talking quickly wore him out, so he kept quiet.  His frequent smiles were the only sign that he was having a good time. But despite his enjoyment, an excess of visitors caused Joseph to become sweaty and pale, forcing him to leave the room for a rest.
On September 4th, 2006, less than a year after his arrival and just months after his condition was declared inoperable, two surgeons left a Huaxin Heart Hospital operating room trading compliments on the corrections they’d made on his frail heart.  Dr. Wu, a good friend of PHF’s work, and his mentor, Australian Dr. Peter Polhner, had worked for hours inserting a special shunt that improved Joseph’s blood flow to his lungs.  Even right after surgery, his color was much better.  Though Joseph still needs a second surgery and he still needs therapy for his speech, his health has much improved in the past couple of years.  Doctors had hoped to do his final corrective surgery in the spring of 2008, which could make him completely well, but they’ve had to postpone this indefinitely.
These days, more than two years after his first surgery, it brings such joy to see Joseph at the SFCV courtyard chasing a soccer ball with classmate Seth or singing during a team’s VBS activity.  He is very immature for his age, but Teacher Wang has done a great job teaching him and helping behave like an older boy.  He does well in school, loves people, and had great fun at the Olympics last summer.  Joseph’s best friend, Elijah, was recently adopted; he misses him and hopes for his own family someday.  We look forward to the many good things still to come in Joseph’s story.

Joseph and Phillip are good friends and are desperate for a family.  They watched helplessly as another good friend aged out of the system after the family who tried so hard to bring him home, was unable to.   As hard as they tried, he aged out just a couple of days too late.  I am certain they were witness to the disappointment, hearbreak and fear that this young man felt when the family he had hoped to belong to, was unable to do anything to bring him home.  I am certain, they are terrified of aging out as well, with no one to belong to, no one to go home to, no one to love them forever. 

Now that Phillip has found his family (Praise God), please pray that sweet Joseph will also find his family!  I am certain it will be very bittersweeet for him to watch his wonderful friend, Phillip as he learns about his family!!!  Please help this chhild!

Please email me at for more info on any of these beautiful children at Shepherd's Field.

Next is a child that my wonderful friend, Amy asked me to help advocate for.  Her name is Livy and she is precious. 

Amy has been advocating for this precious child for a very long time.  Please read what she has written about this sweet child:

Sweet Livy is 5 years old. Look at that cute smile! Livy has the type of cerebral palsy that makes her drool occasionally, and her speech is not as articulate as children her age. She can walk unassisted, but cannot run very fast

Here is an updated picture of Livy. It was taken in November of 2009. Livy is described as sweet and having a ready smile. She loves to play with children her age. She loves to sing and listen to music. Her favorite toy is a rag doll.  Please spread the word about Miss Livy!! I know her family is out there, and they just haven't seen Livy's sweet face yet:)

If you think you might be this wonderful little girl's family, please email Amy at

Here is another precious child who is still waiting!  Her name is Lela and she is 8 years old!

This wonderful child has CP and limping of one leg and is just waiting for her family!  Please email me at for the info needed to find this beautiful child on the shared list.

Another adorable little girl who will be "Sadie" here

Just look at that sweet smile!  Sadie is listed as having CP, is on the shared list and is 8 years old!  Her info is way outdated but she is described as:

At 5 years of age she could express her needs and could cooperate when she was put on and off clothes and socks. She knew right and wrong and could feed herself with a spoon and drink from a cup. She could keep quiet as required by teachers in the classroom and could understand the direction of teachers. She could recite easy children’s songs such as “the little rabbit”. Now she is 5y10m. She could walk with a helper and she could sit down and stand up again. She has scissors gait; she can use bathroom independently; she can count from 1 to 10 and can scribble; she can fold paper and can chat and play with her friends.  She has normal mental development and is quiet and docile; she has an irresistible cute smile. She likes to play with others and likes toys, building blocks and she likes to scribble. She is a quiet and cute girl.

Again, I have her DOB and will share with any interested family!   Please email me at

Here is another little sweetie on the shared list who will be "Violet" on this blog

Oh my, she has the biggest smile!!!!  This little one has a long list of SN's, however, I have been told that Shriners would cover all of her treatment free of charge!!!  Her SN's are listed as left lower limb deformity, post-operative left equinus, wide left bone, pelvic deformity, scoliolosis, unsymmetrical of labium majus and labium minus.  Please don't let all these scary sounded needs frighten you away from this beautiful smile!!!  I am willing to bet that her needs aren't nearly as complicated as they sound.  Violet is 7 years old and is waiting to share her very special smile with you!!!!  Please email me at for her exact DOB.

Update!!!  "Violet" is now on Madison's newest camp list!!!  She is Marlaina on their list and you have got to go see her updated pics!  What a smile this child has!!!  She just looks like she never stops smiling!!!!  SO cute!  Please go to Madison's yahoo group, here

Next is adorable Ellie who is 10 years old

Ellie is listed as having mild CP and the best smile!!!  Here is what is said about this precious child:

She is active, extroverted, has a ready smile and is very polite. She will voluntarily say hello to familiar people and is very adorable. In the institute, she is fond of reading books, drawing pictures, playing toys, games and doing the limbs recovering trainings with other kids. She is very optimistic and gets along very well with other kids. At present, she is studying in the pre-primary school class. She can count from 1-100 and write numbers within 10. Her language ability improves very quickly; she can read children’s songs, tell stories and performs songs etc.  At present, she can walk alone but not very steadily Although Ellie is living happily in the loving big family, she still wants to have a family of her own and father and mother who love her very much. She envies those kids who are adopted. When she sees them adopted by foreign families, she will say to caretakers with tears in her eyes: “ I also want a father and a mother.” How eager is she to have the care and protect from parents! As a result, she is willing to be adopted by families especially foreign families. 

Oh my heart, please, please email me at if you think you could be her mommie and daddy!!

Next, a beautiful kiddo who is on the shared list but who are being featured at Crossroads Adoption Services.  A wonderful friend of mine used them to bring their adorable little boy home (Lizzie's former boyfriend, I do believe - hehe) and LOVED them! 

Adorable Jay

This is what is written about this sweet child:

This cutie is just about 6 years old.  He has Thalessemia (Mediterranean anemia).  He is always the first to greet visitors with excitement and a bright smile. He is very active in outdoor activities, but in his room he likes sitting on his own chair quietly to play toys or watch TV, very attentively. He gets along very well with children in the same group. He is closest to the caretaker who looks after him and other children in the same group; his favorite toy is a toy gun.

Please email Jill at Crossroads Adoption, for more info on this precious little boy!  I am certain, my dear friend would also be happy to speak to anyone interested about their experience with this wonderful agency.

Next is a terrific little boy named "Henry" who is being cared for at Swallows Nest.  Pam who runs this group home has asked for advocacy for this sweet child. 

This is what she wrote about this wonderful young boy:

He lives in a group foster home in Henan Province and goes to school. He has been waiting for over two years. He has curvature of his spine and one webbed pinky and ring finger on his right  hand. His left arm is distorted at the elbow, but really causes him no problem. He has a pigeon chest, very notable rib cage. He's very mobile. Personality is shy, kind, caring. Likes to read and watch TV and loves computer games.

If you would like more info about this "shy, kind and caring" child who has "waited for over TWO years," please email me at

Next is another sweet, precious child named Sophie who has completely taken my heart!!!!! 

 Sweet Sophie has waited so long for a family!  Please read what another wonderful advocate friend of mine (Amy at Red Thread Kids) wrote about this sweet child and her heartbreaking story:

Sophie was born in the summer of 2004. She was born with spina bifida. In March of 2005, she had surgery to repair her spina bifida. It was a success, and soon she was up and walking!  In May of 2006, Sophie's nannies found a cyst-like bump on her back. She was diagnosed with a spinal epidural abscess.  In October of 2006, Sophie underwent surgery to remove the abscess. Unfortunately, as a result of the surgery Sophie became paralyzed in both of her legs. Through intensive therapy, Sophie regained some motion and strength in her right leg. Sadly, her left leg remains paralyzed.  I have been in contact with several families who have met Sophie at her orphanage. She is said to be very fast, pushing her wheelchair with her arms! Sophie is described as bright, curious, and sweet. Every time a new family is formed at the SWI, the nannies gather all of the children together with the new family for a group picture. One must think that 6 year old Sophie wonders when it will be HER turn to have a family.  PLEASE feel free to share this post with anyone in the adoption community who might be interested in this sweet girl.  It's Sophie's turn to be in the spotlight, don't you think??

Please, please email me at if you would like more info on this very sweet child!!!  I KNOW we can find her a family!!!! 

Updated to add that thanks to my wonderful friend Amy at Red Thread Kids, I have precious video and new pics of this beautiful child!!!!! 

Just look at this beautiful child!!  This sweet, perfect child of God needs a family, please, please email me!!!!!

Next is a very handsome little fella who is 9 years old.  His name here will be “Ben”

Ben is listed as having post op CL/CP  and this is a bit from his file:

He is 8 years now, could communicate with adults, perform singing and dancing in front of people, do housework alone, send wishes to familiar people actively, play games with adults, obey game rules, and make company actively in game, think about ideas, express his feelings, explain games rules or methods to others, and involve in suitable talks with others, comfort friends who suffered or have difficulty, choose his friends, play roles in story, has group feeling. Now he studies in grade 1, is a sensible child, likes drawing pictures, knows simple additions and subtractions, could say simple daily words, is quite shy, likes to do sports, gets well along with children in institute, likes to help others, could help to do housework and take care of sisters and brothers, he is a clever and adorable boy.

And a little bit from his American foster family:

he has some clarity with speech difficulty, he is super quick with languages, he picked up English very quickly when he lived with us and was able to help some of the older children (and that was in a part Eng mostly Chinese environment).... he helps his foster mom around the house, he is tender hearted and is quite obedient (I haven't lived with him recently so I don't know if he has been spoiled) and yet very much a BOY...  I have many pics so if someone does seem very interested in him and more pics in a family setting would be helpful, we can send them along...

Please, please email at me if you would like the info to be able to find this wonderful little boy on the shared list!

Next is a very sweet little boy on the shared list who I have advocated for here before - a - long - time - ago.

His name is Paul and his SN is listed as "absence of the lower left limb" although it appears his entire leg is missing. He is 9 years old and is on the shared list. There is a wonderful family who would love to talk to any interested family. Please email me at  if you would like to find out more about this precious little boy!

Next is a beautiful little boy named Steven

Just look at that sweet face!  Apparently he is quite the charmer.  This is what is written about this precious, wonderful little boy who touches all who meet him:
Steven is a kind boy, once he came back from school and foster father asked him, “How’s your
day?” He raised up right hand high and thumbed up “Another full score, the teacher praised me,”
a proud expression was on his face, then he brought out 3 pencils and three exercise books from
the school bag. Little foster sisters and elder sister touched the books and pencils repeatedly and
enviously, then Steven gave each one of them a pencil and one exercise book and told them
“I'll give you the pencils and exercise books, so we can study together from now on.” Foster mother
praised Steven, and he said “ [Foster]Dad has told me, we should share the success and then everyone is happy.” We have endless stories about him, everyone sees him and says he can make people happy.

Here's is what a teen who visited his orphanage in 2008 had to say about Steven:
I will miss "Steven" who is the most adorable boy in the world. He may be a tiny person, but that doesn’t stop him from doing anything. I remember how his face lit up as he smiled and ran towards Zoë and me to offer us water from his own cup. I remember how he was fascinated by my earrings and smiled and held my hand when I sat next to him. He would always approach Zoë and me, point to his feet and wait for us to say “toes!” He would repeat it and giggle. All the kids got the biggest kick out of that word. Today I felt so proud when they sang “Head and Shoulders” all by themselves.

Please email me at about this precious 8 year old child who has been waiting for his chance for a future, his chance for a family!!!

And remember sweet Serena from Lifeline's last list??

She is back and is now on WACAP's shared list with a $2200 grant!  Please email me at for more info on this wonderful little girl who just needs soomeone to take a chance on her!!!  Her referral pic just does not do her justice and she has come so far!  Please let me know if you would like more info on this wonderful child.

Next is adorable Nicholas!!!

Now she is 5y10m. She could walk with a helper and she could sit down and stand up again. She has scissors gait; she can use bathroom independently; she can count from 1 to 10 and can scribble; she can fold paper and can chat and play with her friends.  She accepted surgery of “Tomorrow Plan” and the result is good.  Presently she is 99 cm in height, 15 kg in weight, 46.5 cm in head size and 53 cm in chest size; her food length is 13.5 cm. She has normal mental development and is quiet and docile; she has an irresistible cute smile. She likes to play with others and likes toys, building blocks and she likes to scribble. She is a quiet and cute girl.

Nicholas is 7 years old and has CP but just read what another advocate friend of mine wrote about this sweet child:

Nicholas is a very happy, child full of smiles.  He is active and energetic.  He is very social.  He is a happy, social and curious child.  He is playful and fun.  He loves to draw, participate in sports and loves to talk.  He is in physical therapy for his c.p. and this is very successful. He does not seem limited in anyway.  Nicholas has trouble speaking, but tries very hard.  His words come out slowly but clear.  Small child, but very smart, learns quickly.  Nicholas loves to be with others playing and he loves to learn.  He is very proud of all of his accomplishments.  This child will is easy to get along with and very easy going.  He will thrive in a family. 

Please, please email me at for the info needed to bring this child home!!!

Next on the shared list is a sweet little girl who I have named "Daisey"

Beautiful Daisey is 5 years old and is listed as having cerebral palsy and dislocation of right hip joint.  This is just a part of what is written about this wonderful, sweet child:

"Daisey" is a sweet girl, optimistic, has ready smile, her hands can’t do fine movements now, but able to hold the cup, pen, basin etc. coherent talking, can say 5-10 sentences, can eat when she’s hungry and put on clothes when she feels cold,  can please caretakers and cooperative when putting on clothes for her, unable to take off shoes herself, can communicate with people freely, build up blocks, likes the staff toys, get along well with other children, can share toys or food with other kids, not afraid of strangers, her disease didn’t affect her optimistic attitude to life, now recovery teacher is doing rehabilitation training for her

Please email me at for the info needed to find her file!!!!  She needs a family!  She needs you!!!

Next is another little sweetheart with SB, whom I will call "Teddy"

Teddy is being advocated for by a wonderful family who desperately want to see this wonderful little boy come home!  This is what she wrote about this precious child:

Teddy has grown up in an SWI. Many of the adoptive families of his SWI "know" him b/c he is always in our photos from our disposable cameras mailed ahead, always smiling eagerly in the background of the group of babies photographed. I have literally watched him grow from a little boy to an older boy not only in the confines of his swi but also of a chair.  Teddy has spina bifida. Because of this his swi director thought no one would ever adopt him. This past November another traveling family asked if they would process his paper work. Although families have asked in the past it has never been done. I am confident there must be a family for this spunky little boy. Many families adopting from the swi have held him and felt his desperate hugs around their necks. Many have met him and watched as he would throw toys in their direction to get attention from these traveling families. So now he has his chance to be the reason for the children being photographed. He has his opportunity for a family.  He is currently on the shared list, I have many pictures of him over the years and the swi is very helpful in getting information.

If you think you might be the family that this beautiful child longs for, please, please email Julie at

Next is beautiful Hillary

Hillary is on the shared list but is being advocated for by Madison.  Her file states that she has "mental nerve development delay."  It sounds like she had TB at some point, and they are saying that caused her mental delay.  I don't see in her file where she has much delay, excpet for not being the best student ever!  When did that get to be a SN???  I know a lot of really smart kiddos who have that "SN," if that is the case!  She also has polydactyly of one hand I think.  This is a bit of what is written about this very sweet, very special young girl, who will age out in less than a year!

Once the caretaker gets ill and tells Hillary she wants to go home, and resign from the institute.  Hillary holds her hands and says, "please don't go, please pass the disease to me, I want to get ill instead of you!"  Then she cries.  She does not sleep for the whole night and stays right beside the caretaker.

Oh my heart!  What a sweet child!!!  Please email me if you would like the info needed to find this child on the shared list, or you could go to Madison's yahoo group, here and see her file that is posted there.

Next on the shared list but also being advocated for by Madison is beautiful Mae

This precious child is 8 years old and is listed as having postop congenital atresia.  Unfortunately, her file is not full of detail about her sweet little personality but of the post op "training" they have done with her to control her bowels - heartbreaking!  She is still not continent but does need a family to love her and hopefully find a doctor that might be able to help this poor child!!  Just look at that smile!!  Again, you can go to Madison's yahoo group, here to see her file.

Next on the shared list is precious Arizona

You might remember sweet Arizona from my blog a while back.  I have not heard that she has a family and wanted to put this beautiful child back on.  Beautiful Arizona, has a very scary sounding diagnosis. I have however, personally witnessed a precious one from China who was diagnosed with cancer and once she got home (yes, a wonderful family adopted her knowing her diagnosis) the doctors here found that she did not have cancer at all!!! I am not saying that this will be the case with little Arizona, but God can do beautiful things. Please consider this little beauty. She will tug at your heart!!! This is what is written about 4 year old Arizona:

She is a lovely and quiet little girl yet she has MDS-RAS which needs to be transfused and checks the marrow. Initially she was a kind of timid on admission and she often played on her own alone. Under the excellent care of our caregivers, she is more active than before and is brave in that she often sits on the caregivers and has the book read. She could read books and turn over the pages on her own. She likes cookies, fruits and candies and is not a picky eater with good food intake amount. She likes to be guided playing outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, play the swing set and sit on the rocking chair. She always plays happily with a lot of laugh. Therefore she is reluctant to leave every time. Sometimes she would guide other children to play in the hall. She would help the ones who cry to clean their tears. She would imitate the caregivers in that she comforts the children while clapping his or her shoulders. She would also help the caregivers to clean the toys that scatter on the floor and put them into the cabinet one by one. She is a lovely child and we wish her to have a happy and wonderful family soon.

Please email me at for more info on this beautiful girl!

Next is beautiful Bella who was listed with Small World but is now on the shared list.

Wonderful Bella is 2 years old and is listed as having both auricle congenital deformity.  This is just a small part of what is written about this precious child in her file:

Bella can turn head, utter the origin vowel, sit with waist and chest be held, reach her hands for the favorite toy. Although little Bella is handicap, she has pleasure and dejectbn as normal kids at the same age. She is quiet. The grandmother likes her very much, usually take her out to watch kids playing. She would laugh aloud when excited. Although sound is a unknown thing for her, she grew happily in the world full of light. We believe little Bella would grew healthily as she is a adamant girl.

Her recent update states that she reacts to sounds but her medical states that she is deaf.  Please email me at if you would like more info on this beautiful child.

Update on Bella:  A wonderful family had her file reviewed and this is what their doctor told them about this precious child:

I reviewed the pictures and medical reports that you sent me.  I think that this little girl probably has bifacial microsomia.  All this basically means is that there is reduced growth, of varying degrees, of each side of the mandible and incompletely formed ears.  The external ears can be reconstructed with her own ribs at about age 8, with a procedure called microtia reconstruction.  The initial treatment for this child would be to first get her bony conductive hearing aids.  She should also have a sleep study to rule out obstructive sleep apnea, because of the incompletely formed lower jaw.  All in all, kids with bifacial microsomia are basically normal kids, with the exception of what I have mentioned.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Please email me at about this wonderful child!

Next are some beautiful kiddos who are being advocated for by Love Without Boundaries

First is my precious Suzy!  Patti, a wonderful friend of mine sent me her thoughts on precious Suzy and I had to share:

Oh Annie, I just had a thought that brought a tear to my eye.  While a sighted child will look at their new parents with their eyes to size them up, and maybe be reluctant to come to their open arms, the first introduction to Suzy, her new parents will be able to feel her soft little hands on their face "looking" at them for the first time.........  Here is Suzy...

Please consider this precious child as her future will be very bleak in China!  This is what is written about sweet Suzy on LWB's blog:

But the eyes are blind.  One must look with the heart. — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We think that once you read about Suzy, you will agree that this quote describes how she lives her life.  Like any typical pre-teen, Suzy’s favorite activities are chatting with her friends and listening to music.  She has a loving heart for others, especially her close friends and foster family.  Suzy is different from many other typical teens, however, in that she does not have a family of her own.  In addition to that rather large obstacle, Suzy is blind.  Currently, Suzy lives in our Foster Care Program where she attends a school for the blind and is often at the top of the class. Music and Chinese are her favorite subjects, with math and English being somewhat more difficult for her. In this photo, you can see her working at school with one of her teachers and her favorite fluffy bear, who sometimes keeps her company during the day!

Suzy’misses helping to care for her baby foster sister, who was recently adopted. Described as someone who listens well and with her heart, Suzy is also said to be quiet, kind, and a bit shy.  Suzy would benefit so much from the opportunities afforded to her by a forever family of her own. Time is of the essence for Suzy as she is currently twelve years old and is only eligible for adoption until she turns fourteen. Please help us find a forever home for Suzy!  Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program

Update on sweet Suzy:  She is now on Lifeline's list!  I have also just found out that there is a beautiful video of this wonderful child and that she sings like an angel!  I just knew there was something so special about sweet Suzy!  I am going to try and get this video but you can email Amy at Lifeline, to see this video and to get more info on this beautiful child!!!!!

Next is wonderful John:

If you want this choice position
Have a cheery disposition
Please be kind, and also clever
Foster my curiosity and encourage forever
Love to play games, all sorts!

Love me as a son
And I will follow
Hurry, Family!
Many thanks.


For nearly a year now, nine-year-old John of Lu’An, Anhui, has been waiting for his family to find him on the shared list.  His sweet grin and mischievous personality remind us of Jane and Michael Banks from “Mary Poppins” when they sing their wishes for what their nanny should be like.  They present their case with sincerity and giggles.  Above is what we imagine John would say given the opportunity to voice his wishes for a family that would be perfect for him.  John is sweet and friendly.  He loves to joke and has a good sense of humor.  His activity level is high, and he thrives on encouragement and peer socialization.

Our Lu’An foster care team has been able to put together $1000 adoption grant for John .  See more information on this, see our blog entry, “A Christmas Blessing for Rachel, Chloe and John.”
We have featured John on our blog on several occasions (see also “John from Lu’An”).  John has seen a foster sibling be adopted more than once, and while we are excited for those children to find homes, we see how it impacts John when his friends and siblings have families and he is still waiting.  We hope John does not have to experience this loss again and that instead he will be the child to leave with his family.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

Next is sweet Henry

The shortest distance between two people is a smile. ~Author Unknown

Last summer we published a blog about Henry. We wanted to put out the word that Henry is still waiting!  Eleven-year-old Henry would love to be adopted. His special need is a mild problem in his lower left limb, which doesn’t seem to slow him down too much.  It’s plain to see from these pictures that Henry has a winning smile that exudes friendliness!  We think his kind heart just shines through.

Wouldn’t it be great if Henry’s family finds him before he is in danger of aging out and being ineligible for adoption?  Just think of all he could do over the next few years to prepare him for his life ahead if he was adopted now — learning and experiencing all the wonderful things that come from having a family!

Maybe Henry’s smile will bridge the distance to a family’s heart. Please help us spread the word that he is waiting for them to find him!  Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

Next from LWB is sweet Colin:

Last August we ran a blog on Colin from our foster care program.  This young man is still on the shared list waiting to be adopted. We thought our readers might enjoy seeing how much Colin has grown since our last report.  His foster family says that he is an excellent eater and will eat just about anything, which is easy to believe by looking at his photos and seeing how much he has grown since the summer. Colin’s missing teeth must not be slowing him down!

Colin is a typical active boy who loves playing outdoors. He does struggle with school and would truly benefit from having more educational options and support from an adoptive family. We’re hoping that a family will come forward for him sometime soon!

In “Colin And a Few Of His Favorite Things” we described some of the things Colins likes best.  Like most eight-year-olds, that list changes frequently…so without further ado, here is Colin’s new list:

Next with LWB is wonderful Annabelle

It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of “Annabelle” Lee;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.

We have taken a few liberties with this section of Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee,” but it resonated with us as we watched a new video of Annabelle from our education program. Nine-year-old Annabelle is much loved by all of us, and we hope for her to experience the love of a family soon too!
We hope that our readers will take a minute or two to watch this beautiful and composed girl shine. Annabelle seems extremely eager to show an adoptive family all that she can do, and she reveals her bright personality and independence. We hope it brings Annabelle to life for those of you following our blog or who have read about Annabelle in our 2009 Annual Report.

Annabelle has been waiting since June 2010 for a family to find her file and know she is the right fit for their family. Please feel free to share her video and other blog posts as well: “Our Bright and Brave Annabelle” and “Grants for Annabelle and Rochelle.” The grant for $4,200 from WACAP is still in effect for Annabelle and could be a tremendous help to a family interested in pursuing her adoption!  Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

Next from LWB is Benji:

I don’t mean to be bashful, but I was.  – Willie Mays

Like Willie Mays, four-year-old Benjie is quite a bashful boy.  According to the nannies at the Jinjiang orphanage where he lives, he is pleasant but prefers to play alone.  So far, Benjie doesn’t speak although he is not believed to be deaf or mute.  Although he is getting good care at the orphanage, we feel that a shy boy like Benjie could absolutely blossom with a family of his own to bring him out of his shell.  In 2009, Benjie had surgery to correct his right limb and has recovered quite well.  He also has an absent left thumb and right thumb and index finger syndactyly, which means that these fingers are fused together.  However, Benjie can use his hands to do most things . When he needs to pick up something, he usually uses his little finger and the third finger to do it.  With bigger toys like his stuffed penguin, he seems to have no problems at all!

Benjie is a very picky eater. Even at age four, he prefers formula and rice cereal. When his nanny tries to put some food in his mouth, he spits it out right away.  Our LWB staff is currently looking into this to see how we can help with this issue.  Please help us spread the word about little Benjie. He really needs a family to help him shine!  Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program

Next is wonderful James

At the orphanage in Hefei lives a rather serious boy named James.  James is eight years old and came onto LWB’s radar screen when he was evaluated by our medical program for a possible gastrointestinal issue. Although we were pleased that he did not require treatment at that time, we have remained interested in his progress. When we saw him on the shared list as a child eligible for adoption, we knew we had to spread the word about him. Perhaps a family of his own can bring a smile to his face!  Our LWB staff says that James gets along very well with other kids and is quite nice and polite to everyone. He attends primary school and, well, to be honest, he is not yet a strong student.  Perhaps in a different environment and with the support of a loving family, James would begin to do better academically and even enjoy school.  James is said to be very healthy and ready to be chosen by a family of his very own.  We would love to see him be given this reason to smile!

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

Next is sweet Julian from LWB's

Favorite Holiday: Spring Festival (particularly his grandmother’s special dumplings)
Favorite Sport: Outdoor sports like football
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken
Favorite TV show: Children’s music programs
Favorite Family Member: Grandma!

Colin has always been close to his foster grandmother. It’s nice to see that even as he grows up a bit, some things never change!

We are sure that an adoptive family would also make Colin’s favorites list.  Please help us spread the word about this young man so that he can have a permanent family of his own!  Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program

Next is adorable Julian

Three-year-old Julian has a great sense of humor.  He loves to explore and is delighted when he finds some mischief to get into!  Julian’s favorite toy is his ball, which he loves to bounce and catch.  After months and months of walking while holding onto furniture or a wall, Julian now walks independently – all the better to chase that ball of his!  Julian has Down Syndrome and understands instructions but doesn’t yet talk much.  His foster dad in LWB’s Loudi foster care program reads him the paper each evening, so most likely those words will come eventually.  And in the photo below, he does seem to be proofreading the foster care manager’s report! Julian has been on the shared list for some time now and even has been given a grant of $1,000 towards his adoption expenses from Reece’s Rainbow.  Will you help him find his forever family?  He will bring some wonderful mischief to a family of his own.  Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program

Next is precious Pamela who I think might now be listed with CHI.

I would like to introduce you to playful Pamela, a beautiful ten-year-old girl who lives in Zhejiang Province. I first heard about her a little over three years ago when I joined a parent Yahoo group for her orphanage when I was hoping to go to China to adopt my own daughter. One of the ladies on the group had visited this orphanage when she adopted her son, and not only did she get me a few photos of my soon-to-be daughter but also told me about Pamela. She was concerned about her because Pamela has brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta). This is a disorder which leaves the child with weak bones which can break easily.  Perhaps because of this condition, Pamela’s adoption paperwork had never been submitted. My friend made a donation to LWB  to provide vitamins for her, which is generous and wonderful…but what Pamela really needs is a family and medical treatment.

We adopted our daughter from Zhejiang in 2008, but due to bad weather I didn’t get to visit the orphanage.   However, life is full of interesting twists and turns, and in January of 2010 we went again to China to adopt another girl from the same orphanage. On this visit, I was able to visit the orphanage and got to meet Pamela, but I still didn’t think that this darling girl would have the opportunity to be adopted.   Imagine my surprise a couple weeks ago when I found out that Pamela is actually on the SHARED LIST!!   I am so excited that this sweet little girl will get a chance to find a family.   I am so hoping that someone will want to bring her home and help her get treatment for her special needs!  Pamela loves to sing and is said to have a beautiful, sweet singing voice like a sparrow.  She also enjoys papercutting and other crafts and is quite positive about her life, despite the difficulties she faces.  Since osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is not well known, a friend of LWB whose son has OI has been kind enough to share her thoughts and experiences:

My son came into the world and will leave the world with a physical condition. It is called osteogenesis imperfecta, OI for short.  Most people have heard of it as brittle bone disease.  It is a condition that causes his collagen to be produced incorrectly. This means his bones break easily and his cartilage is overly stretchy.  Does it change the way we live our lives? Yes, honestly it does. We have to be more careful with him to avoid injuries. For a boy that loves to rough and tumble, it’s impossible to keep out of the ER permanently.   He has had surgery to implant titanium rods in his legs that grow with him. This has helped a lot.  But the greatest blessing has been him receiving quarterly IV treatments of pamidronate. This has hugely improved his condition!  It’s truly been like it has turned on his superpowers and increased his bone strength! We have these treatments at our Shriners Hospital, and he always looks forward to his trips there.  My son is small in stature. That is just what OI does, but he has the largest sense of humor and positive outlook on life. He is treasured and loved by all who meet him. He is an amazing child, and we count our blessings every day to have him in our family! He goes to school and has countless friends. He is a great artist and is a productive individual. It is true that he may have bones of glass, but he has a heart of steel.  Please consider adopting a child with OI. We are so blessed that we did.Stefani Ellison

Suzanne Damstedt is the Orphanage Assistance Director for Love Without Boundaries. Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Progra

Next from LWB's is precious Tommy

Tommy is a wonderful six-year-old boy who always has a smile to give.   For the past three years, he has been an eager student at our “Believe in Me” School in Hubei and loves to learn.   Recently Tommy has been working on his writing and math skills.  He particularly enjoys writing, as you can see here, and is doing well with learning his characters.

Tommy has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, both of which appear to be mild. A year ago, Tommy had surgery to release tendons and has since been able to walk and run.  Now he absolutely loves to RUN!  Like so many boys, he also loves to play with blocks and cars and always has a smile ready to give.  Tommy appears to use both hands when doing activities such as writing and playing and is making great progress.

Several of Tommy’s friends have been adopted and he realizes what this means. When his last friend was adopted, he started putting even more effort into his school work.  He is a smart boy! Won’t you please help us spread the word about this young boy waiting for a family of his own?  Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

Also with LWB is wonderful Winnie

In China, many people believe it’s important to welcome the new year with new clothes.  Eight-year-old Winnie is so proud of her new coat and is ready to bring in the Year of the Rabbit!
Winnie is a very sweet girl who lives at the Shunde orphanage in Guangdong, where LWB has done orphanage assistance projects.   This girl is always smiling and is very outgoing.  The nannies love her because she is an excellent helper!   Cleaning the table, mopping the floor, making beds, folding clothes and feeding babies are all fun and games for Winnie.   She has a little humpback (a frontward curving of the spine that causes a bowing of the back), but it is said to not be too serious.  Winnie walks very well, although occasionally she is a little unsteady.  She expresses herself well but has difficulty articulating some of her words.  Winnie is very happy to have a new coat (even it is a little bit too large for her) and can’t wait to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Perhaps next year she will be able to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with her forever familyLove Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

Update: Winnie is now listed with Lifeline as "Sadie"  Please go look at her file and pics!!!  You can go here to join their new yahoo group!!

Next from LWB is sweet Chloe

Arlene Howard, our Foster Care Program Director, has worked closely with the our foster care program in Anhui Province, for the past three years. Through all the reports and children, there are a few who have especially touched her heart. Chloe is one of these children. When the foster care manager visits, Chloe is always smiling, and she has become a cherished member of her local neighborhood. Over the years, Chloe has seen many of her friends leave the SWI for adoption. It makes you wonder how much she might hope to be one of those children who leaves with a family of her own.  Eight-year-old Chloe has a wonderful reputation as a sweet, considerate and compassionate little girl who tries to look out for her family members. In particular, she is a wonderful and tolerant big sister to her mischievous little brother, Anthony.

Chloe will often remind her mother to be extra careful on the bus, and she enjoys doing things to make her whole family happy. When Chloe first came to us she had some vision impairment. Sometimes this makes it difficult for her to read the blackboard at school, but it has not stopped her from working hard to learn and to please her parents and teachers. She is also known to be extremely generous, sharing her snacks with others and allowing Anthony to choose his favorite television shows even when she would rather watch something else. A sensitive and gentle girl, Chloe is a loyal friend; she and her friend Rachel are often found together, smiling and giggling — just look at them having fun in the photo below!

When Arlene met these two girls, she found them to be so cute and giggly as they sat at their school desks, excited to meet her and clearly wondering what little gifts the visitors might have brought!
We join Arlene in her hope that someday we will not read about Chloe’s distress when another friends leaves to be adopted. Instead, what a joyful day it will be when we learn that she has been matched through the CCAA shared list, that she has received a package from her family, and that finally she has joined her family for good!

Please feel free to share Chloe’s story and help her to join her friends from Lu’an around the world who have families of their own.  If you need help or have questions that Love Without Boundaries can answer, please email us at…we will be more than happy to help!

Next is precious Danny

Big news…Danny is potty-trained! Most parents are understandably thrilled by this development.  However, since Danny is still waiting for his family to choose him, we thought we’d share this news with our readers so they could cheer him on. Way to go, Danny! From that adorable little smirk on his face, Danny looks pretty pleased with himself as well.  Two-year-old Danny has become a regular here at LWB Community. Last fall we featured “Darling Danny" on our blog in the hopes that he would be chosen by a family for adoption. When he was just a baby, he also starred in the blog, “Danny Boy.” You can see from Danny’s gallery of photos that he tries so hard not to smile for the camera and prefers to put on a serious face. However, he really does have a silly side, which we think shows through in these oh-so-serious pictures!

Danny needs a family in order to continue growing and developing into a strong and healthy boy. We truly hope that there is a family out there for Danny…a family who will help him heal, will love him, and will cheer on all of his accomplishments, both big and small.  Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

next with LWB's is wonderful Jared

Jared is one cool dude!  In every photo we see of him, he confidently gives us the “peace” sign.  In the last blog we ran on him, we reported that Jared might be the next Justin Bieber…with his upbeat, polite attitude and his love for singing and performing, not to mention his obvious sense of self-assurance.  Jared is quite friendly to everyone in his orphanage.  Besides his cool and amiable attitude, nine-year-old Jared is a very intelligent and inquisitive boy.  He loves school and always has lots of questions for the teachers because he thinks a lot.  An active participant in class, Jared accepts new things quickly and enjoys school very much.  The nannies tell us that he likes to help them with housework and chores and enjoys looking after the younger kids. We think he sounds like a joy to be around!   There is no question that Jared would liven things up in any family with his quick and curious mind, his confidence, and his good heart. He is still waiting  for his family to find him on the shared list.  In the meantime, he says, “Peace out!”

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program

Next is adorable Patrick - see the info about him at the top of this post!!!!  File to be removed soon!!!!:

Nine-year-old Patrick is part of our Foster Care Program and is waiting for a family through China’s Waiting Child program. Currently he attends school, and his teacher says he is eager to learn and improves quickly. He was visited last week by some of our volunteers.  They remarked on how happy and thrilled he was when they gave him paper and markers to draw.  He enthusiastically began showing them what he could write.  Everyone found him to be sociable and good-natured.  In addition, Patrick seems to have a good sense of people, quickly assessing your level of friendliness and then giving you a sign he is friendly too.

Patrick has cerebral palsy, which mainly affects his left hand.  He uses his right hand very well.  Also he walks and runs comfortably.

In his foster family, Patrick has a younger foster sister with whom he enjoys playing and watching cartoons.  His foster family says Patrick is a good kid and will help around the house doing things, such as cutting vegetables and setting the table.  And if you could not tell from the photos here – Patrick loves to strike a pose! 

Meg Montgomery is an Adoption Assistance Advocate for Love Without Boundaries. She is a social worker.  Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

and lastly from LWB's is adorable Leo

The Year of the Rabbit celebration came and went a few weeks ago, and our little Leo turned a year older…now he’s three! “Snuggly Leo” was featured on the LWB blog last fall and has not yet found his own family to snuggle with. It’s hard to imagine who could resist his innocent little face, especially when it’s framed by a puppy-ears hood!  From our reports, it sounds like Leo is very aware of his and others’ emotions. He understands his nannies’ words and easily expresses his different emotions with simple sentences. Leo loves music and will move his body to the rhythm of the music. Every day he does morning exercises with the older kids in the orphanage, although the nannies don’t like him to do too much strenuous exercise due to his heart condition.  Although we’re not sure anyone could bundle little Leo up like the nannies in LiShui, we think his sweet, expressive face is just calling out for parents of his own to love and care for him.  We truly hope he’ll get that chance before the Year of the Dragon arrives!

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

Next is an absolutely adorable little girl who is not in China but is in Korea!!!

I was asked to advocate for this child by a completely heartbroken family who just cannot move forward right now to bring this sweet child home.  She desperately wants this little sweetheart to find a family and is asking through her broken heart, for help in advocating for her.  She is not on the shared list but is listed with A.A.C.  This is what she has written about this precious, waiting child:

I was so impressed with the positives Dr Jenista stated about her diagnosis, what she does not have so really, they need a more correct diagnosis.  For those who do not know much about the process for Korea, its so much simpler than China! They may offer to escort the child but that is so very hard on a child, especially one who knows strangers and doing things she has never done before. Korea is a short trip, and the time you can spend bonding before you bring her home will help so much in the long run. Photos you take with her foster mother, of the places there and how much you will learn
about her preferences.  I've learned a lot too about syndromes and chromosomal defects. I've had
lots of friends say how simple it is to adopt a child with cleft lip/p only some will also have a heart issue too. When its more complicated it can be part of a syndrome affecting the face, heart and cause retardation, and later a risk of schizophrenia. An International specialist can help explain the risks of these but some children only have part of the syndrome and will do better than expected. This little girl does NOT have a lot of issues a typical child with her original diagnosis has! She NEEDS a family!

This is a plea from a broken hearted mother who wants this child to have a future.  Please, if you think you might be this child's hope for a future, please fill out a pre-application on AAC's website, here, and be sure to mention her name in the comments section.  You could also email AAC at or call at (970) 532-3576.  Please also feel free to email me at for more info on this truly remarkable little girl!
Next are some beautiful kiddos who are on the shared list and can be adopted through any agency but the staff at Lifeline met them and were asked to advocate for them.  They have pics and video (you have GOT to go see their videos - they are short but oh so sweet) and more info on all of them. 

Cole, 10, deformed ear

Andrew, 12, healthy

Jackson, 7, Hep B, other

Katy, 7, restricted motor of limbs, other
I have some other pics and info about this sweet child, please email me at

Max, 10, CL/CP, Hep B

Mollie, 3,  Cystic tumor of glandula angularis

Nigel, 8,  walleye, left old iritis pupil, pupil dislocation 3 congenital bincular nystagmus

Paul, 3,  Albugo of right eye

Stephen, 6, post op CHD

There is also a wonderful, healthy, 11 year old boy whom Lifeline has been asked to advocate for.  He is on the shared list and I will call him "Cullie"

This is what they were told about this wonderful child:

When he was 4, his parents both died.  He was raised by an elderly man and then by a group of elderly before he came to the orphanage.  He loves studying, is well behaved and completes his homework carefully.  He is polite and well liked.  He is interested in computer and like to paint.  He has only had an occasional cold or cough and has no drug allergies. This boy sounds like a GREAT son!

Just look at those beautiful faces!!!  Please, if you think you would like to know more about these very precious kiddos (most are in our Lizzie's CWI), please email Amy at or Lisa at . 

Please remember to look at the agency list kiddos below, in the next post.  Some of these kids who are featured on an agency list are on the shared list as well.  You may need to click on "older posts" below, at the bottom of the page!!!  Please don't miss the rest of "This Week's Kids!"

Preston was a shining star at this camp. He is a very smiley, affectionate and friendly child residing in Xu Zhou City SWI. This Institute tends to separate the children according to sex and age. Therefore Preston teamed up with John and Jackson. Since John is totally blind, Preston escorts him everywhere he goes.

One of their favorite games was house. The caregiver says many play this game since it gives the children a sense of family. He also enjoys sports like running and football.  This boy really wants to be adopted and have a family of his own. He has had two foster sisters and a foster brother already leave for the United States. He does not mind being a member of a big family, is not afraid of leaving China and when asked about questions about the US he asked if it has grasslands.  Preston basically is a healthy child who is clever and smart, already counts to 12 and sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, in English. They did say he was in Special Education classes, but after meeting with him I was unsure as to why. (Please check his medical and personal information from CCAA).  THIS child truly wants a Mommy and Daddy and hung on every word I spoke. His favorite animal was a panda. He also likes tigers and going to the zoo.  The caseworker at the orphanage stated that his cerebral palsy is minor and that he acts pretty much normal and his eyesight seems to be somewhat normal also. Though we are not qualified to give medical evaluation, anyone interested in this child should check out all the videos of our camp to see what we saw during our two days there.